At OLIVEA we are committed to respecting not only your skin but also the environment. Sustainability is part of our mission and we are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint. We know that being sustainable is a continuous journey, so we are relentlessly challenging ourselves to become more eco-conscious, in all stages of production.

We know we can’t save the world overnight, but collectively we can strive to minimize our footprint and safeguard the environment for future generations.


We are constantly working together with our suppliers to obtain ingredients with the lowest possible Environmental Impact and of Ethical and Responsible Origin.

The criteria for choosing and selecting the Ingredients that we put into our products are quite tight, as they should provide stellar benefits to the skin, but equally this should not come at a cost to our Planet.

All our products contain more than 90% Natural Origin Ingredients from Sustainable Agriculture and whenever possible, are Certified Organic.

Our Ingredients are extracted from their source using cold-pressed processes, rather than heat or chemical solvents, thus achieving purer, higher quality nutrients.

We are passionate about supporting local Producers and Suppliers. As such, we formulate our products with local ingredients whenever possible.


OLIVEA partners with a PORTUGAL-based Independent Laboratory to manufacture its products using processes that are as kind to the planet as they are to the skin.

Our reliable production partner is an expert in his field and has the capacity to produce all our products safely and efficiently.

All our products are manufactured in small batches, thus ensuring the highest quality products, which do not remain long on the shelves, and reducing waste.


Plastic packaging:

Before recycling, be sure to rinse the packaging and lid so that they are completely free of product. Put all plastic components in the Yellow Ecoponto.

Glass packaging:

Before recycling, be sure to rinse the bottle so that it is completely free of product. Place the pipette bottle in the Green Ecoponto.

Paper/cardboard packaging:

Spread out all the cardboard packaging and put it in the Blue Ecoponto.


All our shipping materials are 100% recyclable, and some of them come from recycled materials.

We only use enough wrapping paper so that the products arrive safely and intact at your home.

We try to ship all orders complete and not split deliveries into multiple packages so that we use as little carbon as possible.


Whenever possible reuse our packaging or upcycle it, giving it a new life.


We are working hard to do better and hope in the near future to be able to implement additional measures – recycling incentive campaign, gradual introduction of packaging that uses post-consumer recycled materials, use of renewable energy in some processes in the production chain, among other measures.

We are committed to continue to look for ways to give back to the environment, rather than just take back.