OLIVEA is a Portuguese skincare brand that was born in 2022 as a result of an old dream of its founder and after many years of research, training and expertise.

We wanted to create a different skincare brand. In recent decades the skincare world has been defined by the use of questionable chemical ingredients and by promises of exaggerated and unrealistic benefits, which only created frustration and fostered low self-esteem.

At OLIVEA we only formulate with the highest quality ingredients. Our entire skincare line is Clean, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other ingredients most likely to sensitize your skin and cause allergic reactions.


Nature & Science

At OLIVEA, Nature allies with Science to transform your skin. We are big fans of botanical extracts, especially those that increase the effectiveness of the product.

For us fruits are not only delicious – they are also amazing for nourishing and protecting the skin. That’s why we craft all of our products with a superfruit base and then combine it with high-performance actives with clinically proven efficacy – hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, glycolic acid, bakuchiol, and more – to create the perfect formula for radiant, nourished skin. Read more about our ingredients here.

Sustainability and the Planet

At OLIVEA we put Sustainability and the Planet above all. All our ingredients, packaging materials, and packaging are designed with environmental impacts in mind.

We aim to constantly work to adopt and implement more sustainable manufacturing and distribution processes. But our mission is also to raise awareness and encourage the community to adopt more sustainable practices, both through education and by sharing actions that engage the community with the environment.

Your Skin First

We follow what we believe is best for the skin and not the trends of the moment. The process of developing our formulas is supported by an extensive research process.

Our products are all produced in Portugal, in one of the best and most experienced laboratories, where quality and excellence are the watchwords.

We formulate with high quality and purity active ingredients, organic whenever possible, in appropriate concentrations and pH levels.

We advocate that beauty should be VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE

Respect for animal welfare is a pillar in our brand philosophy. That is why none of our products are tested on animals, and never will be.

We also do not use any ingredients of animal origin in our products.


We are on a mission to help everyone celebrate their individuality by redefining what beauty means.

At OLIVEA we value and respect inclusivity. We want to inspire, but we also want to be realistic and show beauty in real life.

We don’t want to dictate beauty, but to create our products and evolve based on consumer needs, speaking directly to our community. In this way we believe we establish a closer relationship with our community and can create more solid and genuine connections. We want to listen to our customers and find out what their needs are and what problems they want to solve.

Because at OLIVEA the main ingredient is you!

At the same time, we want to make our community aware of environmental issues. Setting an example and, at the same time, encouraging and educating the community to preserve the environment.


Since I was a child I have always been in love with cosmetics. Unfortunately as a teenager I started to get quite sensitive and allergic skin and so I started to research more about the ingredients used, their benefits and different textures.

I eventually graduated with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and practiced as a pharmacist for 10 years. During those years I have provided the best cosmetological advice to thousands of customers and listened to their most frequent needs, questions and concerns.

In 2018 I decided to invest again in my education, more specifically, in the area of organic cosmetic formulation. I took the Organic Skincare Formulation training and in 2020 the Diploma in International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur, by the most reputable International School in the industry, Formula Botanica.

In early 2020 I decided to take the first step and bring together my two passions, formulation with natural and organic ingredients, and science. After more than 1 year of research and testing formulations, I came up with these 4 products that you can now try.

The products
Wash away bad vibes, Mood Booster, Multitasker
Good 4 You
are the 4 pillars of a simple, effective and fun skincare routine. They have been designed and formulated with the most sensitive skin and environmental impact in mind.

It’s a pleasure to meet you! I invite you to discover our products, see them in action, and leave us your opinion.